Ironbark Asset Management (Fund Services) Limited (“Ironbark”) ABN 63 116 232 154, AFSL 298626 is the responsible entity of the Atticus Separately Managed Account (the “SMA”) and is the issuer of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Ironbark is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ironbark Asset Management Pty Ltd (‘IBAM’).

Ironbark is an Australian incorporated company licensed to be a responsible entity, and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence to operate registered managed investment schemes.

Ironbark is responsible for operating the SMA including managing and investing scheme property and ensuring scheme property is managed and dealt with in accordance with the SMA constitution (‘Constitution’) and the Corporations Act. Ironbark may delegate these roles but remains responsible to investors when it does so.

Ironbark is an independent provider of asset management solutions. Ironbark seeks to build investment solutions that are relevant and meet the needs of its distributors and investors. To achieve this, Ironbark invests in quality people to deliver the highest service standards. As at the date of the PDS, Ironbark manages and distributes over $5 billion in assets.

The SMA offers a selection of model investment portfolios (‘SMA Model Portfolios’) Ironbark has appointed Atticus Wealth Management Pty Ltd ABN 20 607 724 247, AFSL 481528 (‘Atticus’ or ‘Investment Manager’) to manage the SMA Model Portfolios.

The SMA is only available to investors investing through an Eligible Platform. Ironbark has selected the Macquarie Wrap and the Macquarie Wrap Super as the Eligible Platform for the SMA. The Eligible Platform is operated by Macquarie Investment Management Limited (‘MIML’).
Macquarie Investment Management Limited ABN 66 002 867 003 AFSL 237 492 is the operator (‘Eligible Platform Operator’) and implementation manager (‘Implementation Manager’) of the Eligible Platform. MIML is a member of the Macquarie Group Limited ABN 94 122 169 279 (‘Macquarie Group’), Macquarie Group means Macquarie Group Limited and its related bodies corporate.

Ironbark has appointed Bond Street Custodians Limited ABN 57 008 607 065 AFSL 237489 (‘BSCL’) as custodian to hold in custody all the assets within the SMA.

Atticus Wealth Management Pty Limited is a related entity of Australian Financial Planning Group Pty Limited.

This information has been prepared by Atticus. It is general information only and is not intended to provide you with financial advice. To the extent permitted by law, no liability is accepted for any loss or damage as a result of any reliance on this information. The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the relevant SMA should be considered before deciding whether to invest. None of the Responsible Entity or Atticus nor any of their respective shareholders, directors and associated businesses assume any liability to investors in connection with investment in the SMA, or guarantees the performance of any obligations to investors, the performance of the SMA or any particular rate of return. The repayment of capital is not guaranteed. Investments in the SMA are not deposits or liabilities of any of the above mentioned parties. The SMA is subject to investment risks, which could include delays in repayment and loss of income and capital invested. Investments can go up and down. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. To learn more about these risks, we strongly encourage you to read the SMA’s PDS and consult an independent legal and financial adviser. The PDS documents can be obtained by visiting <u>Atticus SMA PDS</u>